Merriam-Webster Dictionary, New Edition

  • Title:The Merriam-Webster Dictionary, New Edition, 2022 Copyright, Mass-Market Paperback
  • Author:Merriam-Webster
  • Publication Date:October 2022
  • ISBN:9780877790952
  • Publisher:Merriam Webster

A revised and updated edition of the best-selling dictionary covering core vocabulary with over a hundred new entries and senses.

  • More than 75,000 definitions and 8,000 usage examples aid understanding―and cover the words you need today
  • Includes pronunciations, word origins, and synonym lists
  • Features useful tables and special sections on Foreign Words & Phrases and Geographical Names

New words include: athleisure, coronavirus, escape room, First Gentleman, herd immunity, hygge, on-brand, outro, patient zero, petrichor, PPE, telehealth, unmute, UX, and YouTuber.

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