Writing to Explore

  • Title:Writing to Explore: Discovering Adventure in the Research Paper, Grades 3-8
  • Author:David Somoza, Peter Lourie
  • Publication Date:October 2010
  • Grade Level:3-8
  • ISBN:9781571107879
  • Publisher:Stenhouse

Too often research papers are simply regurgitated encyclopedia entries. After reviewing many dry research papers, David Somoza began to experiment with an adventure writing model based on books written by Peter Lourie.

In Writing to Explore, David and Peter demonstrate how to teach adventure writing, which integrates nonfiction and fiction and motivates students to write with imagination, curiosity, and a hunger to learn everything about their topic.

The book starts with a solid foundation in the basics of good writing: setting descriptions, creating atmosphere, and developing character. The authors then explore the specific elements of adventure writing -- from setting the stage to conducting research; from combining history and geography to effectively utilizing technology. The result is an adventure-based paper that is "rooted in real places, supported by facts, and developed with detailed description of images from real locations."

Teachers will find handouts, sample activities, student writing examples, research sources, and tips to help them create a nonfiction writing program based around the adventure writing model. Research papers don't have to be boring to read or to write. This book will show you how to get vibrant papers from your students -- papers that teach both reader and writer something new.

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