Writer's Notebook of Activities, A

  • Title:A Writer's Notebook of Activities
  • Author:Jodi Ramos
  • Publication Date:March 2009
  • Grade Level:K-4
  • ISBN:9781888842593
  • Publisher:Absey & Co.

There are many idea, articles, and books about writer's notebooks, but none are as systematic and creative as A Writer's Notebook of Activites by Jodi Ramos. Working as she does daily with students K-4, many at-risk, Ramos nails down the notebook, making sure each activity is sound, workable, and firmly grounded in research. Talking her cue from Janet Emig's seminal study in 1977, Ramos builds her book on "writing as a mode of learning." Ramos knows that Vygotsky, Luria and Bruner contend that higher cognitive functions--analysis and synthesis-develop through the act of writing. Through A Writer's Notebook of Activities, students grow in their skill and love of writing. This is a must book for every teacher K-4

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