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Write With Me

  • Title:Write with Me: Partnering with Parents in Writing Instruction
  • Author:Lynda Wade Sentz
  • Publication Date:2010
  • Grade Level:K-6
  • ISBN:9781596671638
  • Publisher:Eye on Education

In this book, teacher and author Lynda Wade Sentz presents innovative strategies for involving parents in their children’s writing instruction. Elementary school teachers can use these strategies to expand writing instruction into the home and enlist parents as “writing role models” who help to reinforce classroom learning.

Designed for use in conjunction with your current writing program, these activities are engaging and enjoyable. They include the Partner Journal and the Partner Scrapbook, along with several others that enable parents and children to communicate via the written word.

Contents include:

  • Parents: Their First Writing Teachers
  • Establishing Parent-Child Writing Partnerships
  • Getting Parents on Your Side
  • Ideas to Strengthen Parent Partners

According to Sentz, “Parents are the most underutilized resource in education, yet they are the most powerful tool in the teacher’s arsenal.” When writing is encouraged in the home, children develop an appreciation for good writing and are increasingly motivated to write themselves. Let this book help you put your greatest asset – parents – to good use, and begin to see significant improvement in the writing of each of your students!

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