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Word Callers

  • Title:Word Callers: Small-Group and One-to-One Interventions for Children Who "Read" but Don't Comprehend
  • Author:Kelly Cartwright
  • Publication Date:September 2010
  • Grade Level:1-5
  • ISBN:9780325026930
  • Publisher:Heinemann

A centerpiece of Word Callers is an assessment and intervention developed by Kelly Cartwright that uses word and picture cards to measure and support readers’ sound-meaning flexibility—an ideal resource for Tier 2 and Tier 3 RTI instruction. Kelly’s research shows that your word callers can “unglue” from print and improve their comprehension in as few as 5 lessons.

With Word Callers you’ll help students in individual or small-group settings begin to make meaning and then build on their newfound skill:

  • Assessments based on included word cards help identify inflexible readers.
  • A straightforward, needs-driven research-tested intervention using the cards turns readers around fast.
  • Engaging lessons with wordplay, word and picture cards, comprehension strategies, and more support the transition from word callers into full-time meaning makers.

It’s not often we have such a storybook scenario for our at-risk learners, but when you try Kelly Cartwright’s suggestions with your students, when you see children transform from “just reading words” to understanding text and enjoying reading, you’ll see how much hope there is for your Word Callers.


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