What Really Matters in Writing

  • Title:What Really Matters in Writing: Research-Based Practices Across the Curriculum
  • Author:Patricia Cunningham, James Cunningham
  • Publication Date:March 2009
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9780205627424
  • Publisher:Pearson

This new entry in the best selling What Really Matters series turns its trademark "essentials and practices" treatment on the skill of writing. Pat Cunningham explains how to get students started writing and what to do once they are. Dedicated chapters for spelling, editing, and revising help teachers introduce these skills as critical parts of the writing process. Pat also explains how to extend writing, editing, and revising across the curriculum, to bring the benefits of writing and critical thinking to all content areas. Filled with student examples, sample lessons, and activities, this is one all-around resource no teacher should be without!

Written by the authors you know and trust, each of the books in the What Really Matters series offers a succinct presentation of what matters most when teaching different aspects of the reading process. With a thought-provoking, rich presentation, Pat Cunningham and Dick Allington explore complex issues teachers of reading face in today's classrooms and bring each of the topics to life. These books are written in a lively narrative with clear organization, exceptional pedagogy, and special features. Their friendly design and compact size make the books accessible, convenient, and easy-to read.


Author Bio

Patricia Cunningham is the author of Beyond Retelling, Classrooms That Work, Schools That Work, Phonics They Use, and the Making Words series. She is a professor of education at Wake Forest University with more than 30 years of experience in various elementary grades and in remedial reading. Pat promotes literacy for all children through her Four Blocks® workshops and staff development sessions with educators.

James Cunningham has over 100 professional publications in reading and writing education such as college textbooks, book chapters including major research reviews, and original research published in major research journals. He has been a professor of education at UNC-Chapel Hill and an elementary classroom teacher.

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