Vocab Rehab

  • Title:Vocab Rehab: How do I teach vocabulary effectively with limited time?
  • Author:Marilee Sprenger
  • Publication Date:January 2014
  • ISBN:9781416618744
  • Publisher:ASCD

Find out how to make time every day to teach vocabulary through direct, explicit instruction that is also creative, interesting, and fun for students. Teacher and author Marilee Sprenger explains a new and effective approach to teaching vocabulary that calls for exploration, discovery, and playing with words--all in just 10 minutes per class. She offers:

  • Advice on how to focus short lessons so that students are fully engaged.
  • Teaching tips that help ensure new words stick.
  • A varied selection of novel strategies for teaching new words to students.

Here's a way to jump-start your vocabulary program, no matter the grade level or subject.


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