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Using Technology to Enhance Reading

  • Title:Using Technology to Enhance Reading Innovative Approaches to Literacy Instruction
  • Author:Edited by Timothy Rasinski, Kristine Pytash, Richard Ferdig
  • Publication Date:March 2015
  • ISBN:9781936764990
  • Publisher:Solution Tree

Enhance students’ reading abilities with technology. Discover how technological resources can improve the effectiveness and breadth of reading instruction to build student knowledge. Read real-world accounts from literacy experts, and learn how their methods can be adapted for your classroom. Explore how to foster improvement in student learning using a variety of tools, including interactive whiteboards, tablets, and social media applications.


  • Gain insight into ways to incorporate technology into reading instruction.
  • Obtain guidance on choosing progress-monitoring tools to best address your students’ needs.
  • Discover strategies to engage students in vocabulary instruction, and help students interpret informational texts.
  • Learn how to use various tools to spark group discussions about literature.
  • Determine how to continually assess students’ connections with the assigned reading material.
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