Using Mentor Texts to Teach Writing With the Traits: Middle School

  • Title:Using Mentor Texts to Teach Writing With the Traits: Middle School: An Annotated Bibliography of 150 Picture Books, Chapter Books, and Young Adult Novels With Teacher-Tested Lessons
  • Author:Ruth Culham, James Blasingame, Raymond Coutu
  • Publication Date:November 2010
  • Grade Level:6-8
  • ISBN:9780545138437
  • Publisher:Scholastic

Becoming a better writer begins with reading well-written books and trying what their authors do successfully. So why not help middle schoolers improve their writing by exposing them to mentor texts written just for them? Culham, Blasingame, and Coutu have selected 150 fiction and nonfiction books by master writers, annotated them, and organized them by trait. Each annotation explains what the book is about and why it's a good model. Twenty ready-to-use, literature-based lessons are also included.


Author Bio

Ruth Culham, EdD, launched a writing revolution with the publication of her book 6+1 Traits of Writing: The Complete Guide, Grades 3 and Up, followed by, 6+1 Traits of Writing: The Complete Guide for the Primary Grades and Traits of Writing: The Complete Guide for Middle School, winner of the 2011 Teacher’s Choice award. Her groundbreaking work with the writing traits is the culmination of 40 years of research, practice, and passion. Most recently, Ruth has published the bestselling book The Writing Thief: Using Mentor Texts to Teach the Craft of Writing that demonstrates how to read with a writer’s eye to lift the best writing techniques from favorite authors. Ruth has also penned What Principals Need to Know About Teaching and Learning Writing for all school leaders and literacy coaches. Ruth’s professional books have illuminated both writing and the reading-writing connection for countless educators around the globe.

Jim Blasingame is a professor of English Education at Arizona State University. He is the coeditor of the ALAN Review. As the author of the Books for Adolescents section of the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, he interviews several authors each month and reviews hundreds of young adult books each year.

Raymond Coutu has been developing and producing professional materials for teachers for more than twenty years, first for Houghton Mifflin, then Heinemann, and currently Scholastic. He has also served as an editor on Instructor magazine, written books for children, and tutored children in reading and writing.

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