Unlocking Complex Texts

  • Title:Unlocking Complex Texts: A Systematic Framework for Building Adolescents' Comprehension
  • Author:Laura Robb
  • Publication Date:June 2013
  • Grade Level:5-12
  • ISBN:9780545449069
  • Publisher:Scholastic

Give students the tools they need to tackle complex texts with these research-based, classroom-tested lessons from master teacher Laura Robb. The three-part system—teacher modeling, guided practice, independent practice—scaffolds students as they learn how to preview a text to build background knowledge; use a concept map to expand vocabulary; identify key details and make logical inferences; determine main ideas and themes; analyze characters, events, and ideas; interpret language; analyze text structure, and more! Includes 46 short texts on CD for modeling and practice, along with text-specific discussion questions, multiple-choice assessments, writing tasks, student response sheets, assessment tools, and if-then scaffolding charts to help teachers support struggling and reluctant learners. The rigorous instruction leads to solid text-based comprehension of literary and informational text. A must have for meeting the CCSS!


Author Bio

Laura Robb is the author of several bestselling books including Differentiating Reading Instruction; Teaching Middle School Writers. She is a teacher, a consultant, and a sought-after speaker who leads professional development workshops throughout the country.

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