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Transparent Teacher, The

  • Title:The Transparent Teacher: Taking Charge of Your Instruction with Peer-Collected Classroom Data
  • Author:Trent Kaufman, Emily Dolci Grimm
  • Publication Date:March 2013
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781118487174
  • Publisher:Jossey Bass

A new paradigm for teachers to open their classrooms and cultivate deep professional learning.

Teaching is an isolating profession. Most educators receive minimal feedback on their craft, typically limited to one or two short visits from the administrator each year. While some schools do encourage their teachers to observe peers, the usual protocol is for new teachers to watch the veteran, exemplary educators, but those less experienced educators could benefit immensely from having peers observe them in action.

Teacher-Driven Observation (TDO) is unique in that it places the observed teacher as leader of the work, the one who identifies a personal area for development, engages her colleagues in the collection of classroom data, and utilizes the data collected to inform her ongoing instruction.

  • Offers a new model for collecting data to inform and improve individual instruction
  • Includes a step-by-step process for implementing Teacher-Driven Observations
  • Contains a comprehensive case study that clearly demonstrates the value of the TDO model

This book outlines and illustrates a step-by-step process for breaking down professional isolation and cultivating opportunities for meaningful learning through the TDO process.

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