Three-Minute Classroom Walk-Through, The

  • Title:The Three-Minute Classroom Walk-Through: Changing School Supervisory Practice One Teacher at a Time
  • Author:Carolyn Downey, Betty Steffy, Fenwick English, Larry Frase, William Poston, Jr
  • Publication Date:April 2004
  • ISBN:9780761929673
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

For years, the classic supervision model has frustrated both principals and teachers by fostering superior-subordinate relationships, focusing on teacher conformity rather than growth, or producing checklist data that is irrelevant to the curriculum. The Three-Minute Classroom Walk-Through offers a practical, time-saving alternative that impacts student achievement by cultivating self-reliant teachers who are continuously improving their practice.

Easy to understand and adopt, this method will answer the questions most important to principals:

  • Is the work of my teachers aligned with the district curriculum?
  • Are my teachers using research-based "best practices"?
  • Are they choosing the instructional strategies that will promote student achievement?

Also known as the Downey Walk-through, the method presented in The Three-Minute Classroom Walk-Through has been developed over a 40-year period, tested and refined in actual teaching environments, and taught internationally.

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