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Write Voice, The

  • Title:Write Voice, The: Using Rich Prompts to Help Student Writing Come Alive
  • Author:Lisa Donohue
  • Publication Date:2011
  • Grade Level:K-6
  • ISBN:9781551382685
  • Publisher:Pembroke

The Write Voice shows how to use rich, engaging writing prompts to help students develop their writing voice and addresses the importance of listening to a mentor's voice, defining voice, setting success criteria, and seeking peer and teacher feedback. Organized around seven strategies—Sensory Statements, Emotional Cues, Wordsmithing, Developing Character, Perspectives, Personality, and Style—The Write Voice illustrates countless ways students can experiment with their own writing voice, engage in dialogue about their writing and the writing of their peers, and set personal goals for themselves as writers. Teachers will learn how to create a classroom of writers who enthusiastically stir up an emotional response as they read, talk, and share their words.

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