Co-Teaching Book of Lists, The

  • Title:The Co-Teaching Book of Lists
  • Author:Katherine D. Perez, Harry K. Wong
  • Publication Date:June 2012
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781118017449
  • Publisher:Jossey-Bass

Practical strategies for teachers who share classroom teaching responsibilities

Filled with down-to-earth ideas, suggestions, strategies, and techniques, The Co-Teaching Book of Lists provides educators with a hands-on resource for making the co-teaching experience a success. Written by educator and popular teacher trainer Kathy Perez, this book gives educators a classroom-tested and user-friendly reference for the co-taught classroom.

Topics covered include: roles and responsibilities; setting up the classroom; establishing classroom climate; effective accommodations and modifications for students; goal-setting; negotiating conflicts; scheduling issues; and more.

Author Katherine Perez is a popular presenter and workshop leader for Bureau of Education and Research and Staff Development for Educators

Offers best practices and helpful strategies for making co-teaching a success

Includes a wealth of ideas that are both practical and easy to implement

This easily accessible reference presents numerous positive and ready-to-use tips, strategies, and resources for collaborative teaching and student success.

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