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Text Me a Strategy

  • Title:Text Me a Strategy: How to Encourage Students to Develop the Skills They Need to Become Independent Learners
  • Author:Kathy Paterson
  • Publication Date:2009
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781551382333
  • Publisher:Pembroke

This timely book offers teachers practical tools that promote student learning and personal growth in our fast-paced information age. Building on students' love of text messaging, this book offers 100 "crisp and snappy" strategies that are easily taught, reviewed, and reinforced by teachers. The name of each strategy reflects its function, which makes the strategy easy to recall, easy to apply and fun to use. The strategies are organized around seven themes - Remembering, Communicating, Organizing, Discovering, Understanding, Creating, and Living Well - that represent general teaching goals. Text Me a Strategy provides teachers with a wealth of tactics to help students sift through volumes of content and develop life-enhancing strategies.


Author Bio

Kathy Paterson is a teacher and drama specialist with more than twenty-five years of classroom experience. A popular speaker and writer, she is involved in teacher training with several universities on issues around differentiation and effective teaching practices. The author of Every Adult's Guide to Talking to Teens and How Do I Teach and Keep My Sanity, her books have been translated in the Czech Republic, Germany, Indonesia, Lithuania, and Slovenia

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