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Teaching Literacy in Fifth Grade

  • Title:Teaching Literacy in Fifth Grade
  • Author:Susan McMahon, Jacqueline Wells
  • Publication Date:November 2006
  • Grade Level:5
  • ISBN:9781593853402
  • Publisher:Guilford

For students, fifth grade is a time of increasing independence and responsibility. Yet fifth-graders vary widely in their reading and writing abilities--and they are still young enough to require considerable teacher support. Depicting an exemplary teacher in action, this indispensable book presents innovative, practical strategies for creating an organized, motivating, and literacy-rich fifth-grade classroom. The authors show how to assess student needs and implement standards-based instruction that targets comprehension, vocabulary, writing, genre study, and other crucial areas. Grounded in current best practices, the book includes helpful planning tips, illustrations, and reproducibles.

This title is part of the Tools for Teaching Literacy Series, edited by Donna Ogle and Camille Blachowicz.

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