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Teaching Essentials

  • Title:Teaching Essentials: Expecting the Most and Getting the Best from Every Learner, K-8
  • Author:Regie Routman
  • Publication Date:September 2007
  • Grade Level:K-8
  • ISBN:9780325010816
  • Publisher:Heinemann

What makes a teacher outstanding? More than anything, it’s a way of being with kids in the classroom that lets them know they’re smart and capable of high achievement. When you combine this mind-set with effective instruction, teaching and learning are transformed. In Teaching Essentials, Regie Routman gives us as much of a blueprint for achieving this powerful, responsive teaching as we’re ever going to get.

Drawing on her extensive work with students who have excelled against great odds, Regie shares the principles and practices that help all students and teachers reach their full potential. Teaching Essentials shows teachers and principals how to build an efficient and joyful practice by:

  • setting lessons and activities in a meaningful context
  • using an Optimal Learning Model to organize teaching and gradually release responsibility to students
  • demonstrating reading, writing, and thinking for students so they have explicit models to follow
  • articulating high expectations for every student, including ELLs and struggling learners, and ensuring that they meet them
  • embedding assessment into all aspects of instruction and planning
  • employing the reading-writing connection to improve comprehension
  • motivating writers by always writing for real audiences and purposes
  • implementing a schoolwide coaching model for higher achievement and a more fulfilling collaboration with colleagues.

Author Bio

Regie Routman’s intimate knowledge of teaching and learning, down-to-earth style, and dedication to children’s success have made her one of the most vibrant and respected names in literacy education. Her books have encouraged hundreds of thousands of teachers to take charge of their professional learning and create efficient, joyful practices. Regie continues to inform and inspire teachers as a language arts coach in schools across the country, as a speaker at national conferences, and as a presenter of one-day workshops.

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