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Teaching Academic Vocabulary K–8

  • Title:Teaching Academic Vocabulary K–8: Effective Practices across the Curriculum
  • Author:Camille Blachowicz, Peter Fisher, Donna Ogle, Susan Watts Taffe
  • Publication Date:May 2013
  • Grade Level:K-8
  • ISBN:9781462510290
  • Publisher:Guilford

This book showcases effective ways to build the vocabulary knowledge K–8 learners need to engage meaningfully in reading, writing, and discussion on academic subjects. The distinguished authors draw on decades of classroom experience to explain what academic vocabulary is, how it fits into the Common Core State Standards, and how targeting vocabulary can enhance conceptual understanding in English language arts, social studies, and math and science. Rich classroom vignettes, teaching tips, and examples of student work are included. The book also features helpful figures, word lists, discussion questions, and recommended print and online resources.

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