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Super Core!

  • Title:Super Core!Turbocharging Your Basal Reading Program With More Reading, Writing, and Word Work
  • Author:Mark Weakland
  • Publication Date:January 2014
  • ISBN:9780872070837
  • Publisher:ILA

Author Mark Weakland does not ask you to abandon your core reading program. Instead, he shows you how to make changes in your instruction, narrow the scope of what you teach, decrease the time your students spend in workbooks, and increase the time they spend on reading and writing for real purposes—to turbocharge your teaching and your students’ learning.

Super Core shows you how to create a more effective and engaging reading program by subtracting a few components, adding key research-based instructional practices and formative assessments, and becoming mindful of fundamental content and instructional values. Each chapter guides you through teaching techniques that can help you gradually rely less on the basal reader and more on your own knowledge and experience as an educator. Specifically, this book does the following:

  • Calls attention to specific ineffective components of core reading programs—and shows you how to fix them
  • Describes how to streamline your literacy teaching to be more efficient and purposeful
  • Provides effective, easy-to-use vocabulary, fluency, phonic, and comprehension activities, materials, and routines that take the place of ineffective and missing components of your core reading program

Super Core has been designed to boost your knowledge base and rev up your instructional and assessment skills so your teaching is more powerful—and your students are excited about reading, writing, and thinking on their own.

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