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Summarization In Any Subject

  • Title:Summarization in Any Subject: 50 Techniques to Improve Student Learning
  • Author:Rick Wormeli
  • Publication Date:2004
  • Grade Level:3-12
  • ISBN:9781416600190
  • Publisher:ASCD

Educators agree that the ability to summarize--to identify salient information and structure it for meaning, long-term retention, and successful application--is an essential academic skill. Research affirms summarization’s reputation as a highly effective way to boost comprehension and achievement. We know summarization works. But isn't it, well, just a little dull?

It doesn't have to be.

Rick Wormeli, a teacher certified by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, makes the case that summarization is not only one of the most effective ways to improve student learning, it's also one of the most flexible, responsive, and engaging. Here, you'll find a classroom-tested collection of written, spoken, artistic, and kinesthetic summarization techniques for both individual assignments and group activities across the content areas. Suitable for students in grades 3-12, these techniques are easily adjustable to any curriculum and presented with ample directions and vivid, multidisciplinary examples. They are valuable additions to every teacher's repertoire.

Wormeli also clarifies the process of teaching students how to summarize and includes a special section on the key skill of paraphrasing. The book concludes with an assortment of original text excerpts and activity prompts--a great starting place for teachers ready to use summarization in their own classrooms.


Author Bio

Rick Wormeli is a National Board Certified Teacher and a columnist for Middle Ground magazine. The winner of Disney's American Teacher Award for English in 1996, Rick is an internationally known speaker on middle-level education, innovation, and teacher professionalism.

Rick offers a wealth of experience having worked as a middle grades teacher, human growth and development teacher, and staff development educator. He is also an educational consultant to National Public Radio, USA Today, and the Smithsonian Institute.

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