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STEAM Makers

  • Title:STEAM Makers: Fostering Creativity and Innovation in the Elementary Classroom
  • Author:Jacie Maslyk
  • Publication Date:March 2016
  • Grade Level:K-5
  • ISBN:9781506311241
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

Build the essential 4—creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking!

Go beyond theory and find out how to systematically integrate STEAM and Makerspaces that prepare students for real-world experiences. This engaging resource outlines step-by-step processes to help anyone start their STEAM and Maker journey. Charts, checklists, web links, student stories and teacher challenges help you make meaningful subject area connections and tap your students’ natural curiosity.

District and school leaders will learn to:

  • Develop dedicated makerspaces
  • Integrate STEAM and Making into daily practice
  • Differentiate instruction for all learners
  • Promote a growth and design culture
  • Create a STEAM Maker network
  • Align with core standards and The Next Generation Science Standards

Get students to think more creatively and collaboratively and see them become more engaged in learning that’s both challenging and fun. This go-to-guide shows you how!


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