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Rethinking Small-group Instruction in the Intermediate Grades

  • Title:Rethinking Small-Group Instruction in the Intermediate Grades: Differentiation That Makes a Difference
  • Author:Nancy Boyles
  • Publication Date:November 2010
  • Grade Level:3-5
  • ISBN:9781934338865
  • Publisher:Maupin House/Capstone

Small-group instruction becomes a strategic, differentiated tool for Response to Intervention in Dr. Nancy N. Boyle’s resource, Rethinking Small-group Instruction in the Intermediate Grades.

In this complete and ready-to-go resource, Dr. Boyles answers key questions about transforming small-group instruction to meet RTI objectives:

  • How can I teach comprehension strategies during small-group instruction?
  • How do I align high-stakes standards with comprehension objectives?
  • Where do fluency, vocabulary, and author’s craft fit in small-group discussion?
  • How can I explicitly teach skills and ­promote meaningful discussions?
  • How do I effectively include intermediate-grade students who function at a primary level?

Rethinking Small-group Instruction in the Intermediate Grades provides sixteen options to differentiate small-group instruction. Teachers focus on reinforcing comprehension skills and strategies while explicitly teaching students how to construct basic meaning about both literary and informational texts and master the art of discourse, which leads to higher-level critical and creative thinking.

Boyles shows intermediate teachers how to embed the Common Core State Standards into small-group instruction and provides all of the rubrics, checklists, planning templates, and prompts necessary to implement these instructional formats in both the book and the included CD. The useful CD also contains target sheets matched to each objective that explain how to find the best evidence to meet the objective.

Let Rethinking Small-group Instruction in the Intermediate Grades Instruction maximize the power of your small-group instruction to differentiate your teaching and efficiently meet RTI goals and national standards at the same time.


Author Bio

Dr. Nancy Boyles was a classroom teacher for many years and recently retired from Southern Connecticut State University where she was Professor of Reading and Graduate Reading Program Coordinator. She currently consults with districts, providing workshops and modeling best practices in classrooms. Nancy is the author of: Teaching Written Response to Text, Constructing Meaning through Kid-Friendly Comprehension Strategy Instruction, Hands-On Literacy Coaching, That’s a GREAT Answer, Launching RTI Comprehension Instruction with Shared Reading, Rethinking Small Group Instruction in the Intermediate Grades, and her newest book Closer Reading.

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