RTI in Math

  • Title:RTI in Math: Practical Guidelines for Elementary Teachers
  • Author:William Bender, Darlene Crane
  • Publication Date:2010
  • Grade Level:K-5
  • ISBN:9781934009543
  • Publisher:Solution Tree

As teachers and administrators become aware of the potential for applying response to intervention (RTI) to mathematics, there is an immediate need for information on how to implement this process in the classroom. This book addresses that need.

RTI is used to ensure a successful learning experience for all students by targeting specific areas where students struggle and eliminating threats to learning and development. This map of the RTI process offers an overview of research, detailed guidance through each stage of RTI implementation, tools for teacher reflection and growth, and discussion of support strategies beyond the classroom. The authors analyze a variety of common student difficulties in elementary math and apply a three-tier RTI model to the general education classroom. They also include a variety of assessment materials, research-based instructional strategies, and numerous case studies of RTI implementation.


  • Provides research on RTI strategies and effectiveness
  • Analyzes common student difficulties in math and offers strategies for addressing them
  • Includes extensive case studies of the three-tier RTI model in action at various grade levels
  • Includes reproducible tools for assessing RTI readiness, collecting RTI materials and data, assessing student progress, documenting procedures, and more
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