Text Structures From Nursery Rhymes

  • Title:Text Structures From Nursery Rhymes: Teaching Reading and Writing to Young Children
  • Author:Gretchen Bernabei, Kayla Shook, Jayne Hover
  • Publication Date:October 2017
  • Grade Level:PreK-3
  • ISBN:9781506387963
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

Watch Gretchen using a nursery rhyme text structure to write about A Problem that Can’t Be Fixed.

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Text Structures from Nursery Rhymes TEKS Alignment

Text Structures from Nursery Rhymes offers the solution: a clear and actionable framework for guiding young students to write successfully in any style, from narrative to descriptive to persuasive.

The key to the strategy lies in using familiar text structures to break down a story into its main components — for example, “Where I was,” “Who I saw,” and “What I thought”  — in order to immediately thrust students into the role of the writer. 

This groundbreaking book provides 53 lessons, each centered around a classic nursery rhyme, and all the tools you’ll need to

  • Capitalize on the story’s rhythm and rhyme to make an instant connection with your students
  • Convey the story’s text structure using the lesson’s whimsical illustrations, providing a visual model that resonates with children
  • Lead the classroom in creating new stories — in words, pictures, or both — utilizing the text structure you’ve defined
  • Put each nursery rhyme to work as a springboard for important language-arts topics
  • Fine-tune your approach at every step based on your preferred teaching style and students’ progress

Also included are six, dry-erase markable paper dolls that work seamlessly with the book’s pedagogical framework to make storytelling even more immersive for children.

Put Text Structures from Nursery Rhymes to work in your classroom and discover how text structures, already a remarkable success in later grades, can also have a profound impact on younger students’ progress. 


Author Bio

A popular workshop presenter and winner of NCTE’s James Moffett Award in 2010, Gretchen Bernabei has taught middle school and high school for 34 years. She has devoted her professional life to learning, developing, and sharing best practices, particularly through the National Writing Projects.

With more than thirty years in education, Jayne Hover has taught elementary, middle, and high school and been an administrator in several roles from Assistant Principal to coaching teachers. Currently, she is in an administrative role with San Antonio ISD. Jayne is also a co-author of Crunchtime.

Kayla Shook, also known as Texas Teaching Fanatic, has been teaching 4th grade for 9 years in central Texas. She works with teachers throughout the state to implement successful writing strategies.

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