Teacher Voice

  • Title:Teacher Voice: Amplifying Success
  • Author:Dr. Russell J. Quaglia, Dr. Lisa L. Lande
  • Publication Date:2016
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781506317144
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

Help teachers listen, learn, and lead for powerful school reform!

Teacher insight and experience is a powerful yet underutilized resource in education, especially in these days of the new ESSA. Help teachers find their voice and positively influence their school’s learning environment with this inspiring guide. Student aspirations pioneer, Russell Quaglia, helps you expertly facilitate the process. Using the author’s three-part School Voice Model, you’ll discover in-depth action steps to help you incorporate teacher voice that has to be heard to sustain change.

With Quaglia and Lande’s clear, step-by-step guidance, teacher interviews, reflections, and expert research, you’ll help teachers:

  • Work collaboratively for school change
  • Inspire and positively affect education stakeholders 
  • Effectively express themselves 
  • Build self-worth and realize their potential 
  • Increase engagement and define a sense of purpose
  • Amplify their voice via technology

Bolster teacher leadership and improve retention, innovation, professional development, and student achievement with this breakthrough guide!


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