Teach Happier This School Year

  • Title:Teach Happier This School Year: 40 Weeks of Inspiration and Reflection
  • Author:Suzanne Dailey
  • Publication Date:January 2023
  • ISBN:9781416631668
  • Publisher:ASCD

Being happy both at home and at work means we're not just cheerier, but more clear-eyed and effective at what we do. But happiness takes practice and ongoing contemplation.

In this inventive new book—part professional development resource, part personal journal—educator, author, and podcaster Suzanne Dailey contends that small shifts bring big gifts: that is, small positive changes, practiced over time, will help you feel more balanced, content, and aligned. To help you on this path, Dailey provides 40 readings and reflections, aligned to the weeks of the school year and designed to ensure that you glean joy and insight from every moment inside and outside the classroom.

In these pages, you'll find

  • Reflection activities for assessing the health of your relationships—not only with coworkers and students, but also with family and friends.

  • Inspiring stories about educators who have sought and found ways to improve their practice by following the tenets of positive psychology.

  • Weekly goals for shifting your thinking and developing more positive habits of mind.

  • "Report cards" for assessing your progress on the book's challenges and goals.

  • Minilessons you can use to share your new learning with students and influence classroom culture and community.

Steeped in the teachings of positive psychology and fired up with a passion for teaching, Dailey mines both her own experiences and the insights of psychological thought leaders to provide this indispensable resource for educators at all levels.

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