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Strategies That Work Classroom Library Collection, Grades K-1

  • Title:Strategies That Work Classroom Library Collection, Grades K-1
  • Author:Stephanie Harvey, Anne Goudvis
  • Publication Date:December 2017
  • Grade Level:K-1
  • Publisher:Stenhouse

Each Starter Classroom Library includes:

  • A copy of Strategies That Work (3/e)
  • Children's book bundles for grades K-5 that address strategies such as: monitoring comprehension, activating and connecting to background knowledge, questioning, visualizing and inferring, determining the importance in text and summarizing
  • Books arrive packaged in pre-labeled book bins

For detailed grade specific information, click here.


Author Bio

Stephanie Harvey has spent her career teaching and learning about reading and writing. After fifteen years of public school teaching, both in regular education and special education classrooms, Stephanie worked for twelve years as a staff developer for the Denver based Public Education and Business Coalition (PEBC), a partnership of leaders from education and business, who support innovation in public schools.

Anne Goudvis has been a classroom teacher, staff developer, and university instructor. For the past fifteen years she has worked as a staff developer with the Denver-based Public Education and Business Coalition and currently does staff development in schools around the country. Recent interests include working in schools with culturally and linguistically diverse students and integrating reading comprehension instruction with content area topics in social studies and science.

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