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Reflection Guide to The Impact Cycle, The

  • Title:The Reflection Guide to The Impact Cycle: What Instructional Coaches Should Do to Foster Powerful Improvements in Teaching
  • Author:Jim Knight
  • Publication Date:August 2017
  • ISBN:9781544308753
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

Every decade or so a book comes along that has such a profound impact on professional practice that it launches a movement. Such was the case ten years ago with Jim Knight’s Instructional Coaching. Now, it’s about to happen again with The Impact Cycle and this The Reflection Guide to The Impact Cycle, in which Jim shares his latest thinking, and advances an all-new instructional coaching cycle to help teachers and, in turn, their students improve in clear, measurable ways. What makes this Reflection Guide the perfect companion to The Impact Cycle? Because it functions almost like a daily planner for reaching, even exceeding, your coaching goals. Jam-packed with key concepts, prompts, and exercises, this guide will prove indispensable to coaches who wish to accelerate progress toward goals and move their practices forward and leaders of coaches looking for a simple, effective model to get all stakeholders on the same page.

Join the hundreds of thousands of educators who already have benefited from Jim’s ground-breaking work. Read The Impact Cycle, build upon your expertise with this companion Reflection Guide, and soon enough you, too, will experience the next “Jim Knight phenomenon.”


Author Bio

Jim Knight has spent more than two decades studying instructional coaching and has written several books on the topic, including Instructional Coaching: A Partnership Approach to Improving Instruction. Knight co-authored Coaching Classroom Management


Frequently asked to guide professional learning for instructional coaches, Knight has presented and consulted in more than 35 states, most Canadian provinces, and in Japan. He has a PhD in Education and has won several university teaching, innovation, and service awards. He also writes the popular radicallearners.com blog.

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