Questioning for Formative Feedback

  • Title:Questioning for Formative Feedback: Meaningful Dialogue to Improve Learning
  • Author:Jackie Acree Walsh
  • Publication Date:May 2022
  • ISBN:9781416631163
  • Publisher:ASCD

When used effectively, quality questions and student dialogue result in self-regulated learners and formative feedback that reveals progress toward learning goals.

Learning knows no boundaries. The potential for learning exists whenever and wherever we interact with our environment. So how can we infuse school learning with the authenticity and excitement associated with real-life experiences?

In Questioning for Formative Feedback, Jackie Acree Walsh explores the relationship between questioning and feedback in K–12 classrooms and how dialogue serves as the bridge connecting the two.

Quality questioning, productive dialogue, and authentic use of feedback are a powerful trifecta for addressing the needs of a new generation of learners. In fact, the skillful use of these three processes can fuel and accelerate the academic, social, and emotional learning of all students.

In this book, Walsh provides a manual of practice for educators who want to engage students as partners in these processes. To that end, she offers the following features to help create a classroom in which everyone learns through intentional practice:

  • Blueprints for coherent models of key processes and products.

  • Tools and strategies to help you achieve identified outcomes.

  • Protocols with step-by-step directions to complete an activity.

  • Classroom artifacts of authentic classroom use, including links to 21 original videos produced exclusively for this book!

Working together, questioning, dialogue, and feedback can transform learning for all. This book supports you in embracing and bringing that vision to fruition.

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