Phonics They Use (7/e)

  • Title:Phonics They Use: Words for Reading and Writing (7/e)
  • Author:Patricia Cunningham
  • Publication Date:January 2016
  • Grade Level:k-8
  • ISBN:9780134255187
  • Publisher:Pearson

The long-standing, bestselling classic of strategies and hands-on activities for teaching phonics.

In the new edition of this popular book, author and scholar Patricia Cunningham seamlessly weaves together the complex and varied strategic approaches needed to help students develop reading and writing skills. With its focus on how students use phonic to read and write, not just how much phonics a student knows, the book includes numerously developmentally appropriate activities for helping students with fluency, rhyme-based decoding, spelling, and more. Updated throughout, this new edition devotes increased attention to morphology as the key to decoding, spelling, and building meaning for big words; includes a new set of lessons, Compound Combos, designed to help teachers introduce morphology to students; introduces a list of 50 key word, the Nifty Thrifty Fifty, which contain a common example for all the common prefixes, suffixes, and spelling changes; includes a new chapter presenting a series of lessons to gradually teach these 50 words and how manipulating the parts of these 50 words can help decode, spell, and unlock the meaning of over 300 other words; and presents a new chapter on phonics and spelling interventions for older struggling readers.


Author Bio

Patricia Cunningham is the author of Beyond Retelling, Classrooms That Work, Schools That Work, Phonics They Use, and the Making Words series. She is a professor of education at Wake Forest University with more than 30 years of experience in various elementary grades and in remedial reading. Pat promotes literacy for all children through her Four Blocks® workshops and staff development sessions with educators.

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