Paving Your Path

  • Title:Paving Your Path What's Next For High School Graduates: A Promotion Protocol Guide To Manifesting Career Success
  • Author:Kim Nugent, Ed.D
  • Publication Date:Sep 2019
  • Grade Level:9-12
  • ISBN:9780578517636
  • Publisher:Unfold Your Success

Paving Your Path is a practical and time-saving guide to help high school students develop a plan before graduation so they can fulfill their destiny. For this book to be most effective, the high school student (mentee) should select a mentor and develop a relationship. Together, they will use the book over 30 weeks to determine the right pathway upon graduation and produce a set of deliverables. Paving Your Path offers a strategic process that capitalizes on the experience of the mentor and includes the uniqueness of a mentee to achieve key results based on collaboratively agree upon objectives on their 3-week journey.

This complete guide to Paving Your Path and career success will show you how to:

  • Learn about your choices
  • Innovate your education
  • Engage with your mentor
  • Inspire your future.


Author Bio

Kim Nugent, Ed,D., is an award-winning Top Innovation Leadership Coach with a successful track record of mentoring exceptional leaders. She is passionate about developing, encouraging and engaging aspiring leaders. As a certified coach, keynote speaker, and a best-selling author, Kim is a sought-after Paving Your Path and Promotion Protocol expert for younger audiences and experienced professionals in academia and the workforce alike! Through her speaking and couching programs, Kim offers fine-tuned inspiration to her audiences and delivers results-oriented execution. Come learn and innovate your personal pathway to promotability and unlock the secrets to your career success.

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