Media Literacy in Every Classroom (Quick Reference Guide)

  • Title:Media Literacy in Every Classroom (Quick Reference Guide)
  • Author:Faith Rogow, Cyndy Scheibe
  • Publication Date:September 2017
  • ISBN:9781416625131
  • Publisher:ASCD

Media Literacy in Every Classroom introduces the process of media literacy and powerful ways to use it in virtually any K–12 classroom. Written by two longtime leaders in media literacy education, this Quick Reference Guide addresses recent concerns about the effects of media on democracy, public policy, and culture by outlining an inquiry-based approach that teaches students how to think without telling them what to think. You’ll find key questions for teachers and students to ask when analyzing media messages and creating their own media along with nearly 50 classroom strategies to foster the development of media literacy in various subject areas—including specific applications for social studies, English/language arts, STEM, health, and the arts—and to integrate media literacy into research projects, exploration of real-word connections, and classroom assessment.

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