Lightning Paths

  • Title:Lightning Paths: 75 Poetry Writing Exercises
  • Author:Kyle Vaughn
  • Publication Date:March 2019
  • Grade Level:Middle, Secondary
  • ISBN:9780814128213
  • Publisher:NCTE

From synesthetic poems to questioning poems to the ghazal, Lightning Paths: 75 Poetry Writing Exercises has something fun or fascinating for every student and teacher as they explore the possibilities of poetry writing. The exercises teach and utilize technique while also focusing on and inspiring the intuitive and imaginative qualities of poetry.

Each poem type includes an introduction explaining the exercise’s goal, detailed instructions, and a student example. The 75 activities are divided into three sections: exercises that focus on different types of imagery and ways to generate fresh imagery; exercises born out of unusual prompts and ideas that engage a writer’s experiences in the real world; and exercises related to what form might look like or how it might function.

Kyle Vaughn invites every writer to explore the power of poetry, illuminating the way through the endless possibilities for inspiration.

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