Learners Without Borders

  • Title:Learners Without Borders: New Learning Pathways for All Students
  • Author:Yong Zhao
  • Publication Date:July 2021
  • ISBN:9781506377353
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

The future of education centers empowered students in a global learning ecosystem.

Despite decades of reform, the traditional borders of education—graduation, curriculum, classrooms, schools—have failed to deliver on the goals of excellence and equity.

Despite massive societal changes, education remains controlled by an old mindset. It is time to change that limiting mindset and, more importantly, the ineffective practices in education. To truly serve all learners, future classrooms must remove the boundaries of learning and become student-centered, culturally responsive, and personalized—supportive and equitable environments where each student can direct their own learning and seek multiple pathways to skills and knowledge in a global learning ecosystem. This compelling call for transformative change offers all involved in education

  • Evidence-based arguments that reveal the need to break the traditional borders that limit learning.
  • Strategies to personalize learning and remove the confinement of traditional pathways.
  • Examples from around the world to create equitable and student-centric learning environments.
  • Resources for creating a school learning environment that expands opportunities for personalized learning into the global learning ecosystem.
It is time to now imagine a different kind of learning, without borders, and to begin the shifts in practice that will result in personalized learning for all students.
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