Instructional Coaching in Action

  • Title:Instructional Coaching in Action: An Integrated Approach That Transforms Thinking, Practice, and Schools
  • Author:Ellen B. Eisenberg, Bruce P. Eisenberg, Elliott A. Medrich, Ivan Charner
  • Publication Date:May 2017
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781416623687
  • Publisher:ASCD

Unlike “fix-it” strategies that targeted teachers are likely to resist, educator-centered instructional coaching—ECIC—offers respectful coaching for professionals within their schoolwide community. Evidence-based results across all content areas, authentic practices for data collection and analysis, along with nonevaluative, confidential collaboration offers a productive and promising path to teacher development.

Drawing on their extensive experience with ECIC, the authors offer this detailed guidance for coaches and school leaders on how you and your school can

  • Create the conditions for an effective ECIC program.
  • Get buy-in from teachers.
  • Clearly define the role of coach.
  • Roll out a coaching initiative.
  • Ensure ongoing success with coaching.

Filled with authentic advice from coaches, Instructional Coaching in Action provides valuable insight and demonstrates how educator-centered instructional coaching can make a difference in teacher learning, instructional practice, and student outcomes.

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