Instructional Coaching Handbook, The

  • Title:The Instructional Coaching Handbook: 200+ Troubleshooting Strategies for Success
  • Author:A. Keith Young, Angela Bell Julien, Tamarra Osborne
  • Publication Date:February 2023
  • ISBN:9781416631712
  • Publisher:ASCD

Three instructional coaches share more than 200 of the most helpful problem-solving strategies they've used in their decades-long work with teachers, administrators, and coaches.

The Instructional Coaching Handbook is not a new model of coaching. It addresses common hiccups that prevent productive coaching conversations from happening in the first place. From their thousands of annual school visits, the authors recognize that coaches frequently confront similar challenges when helping educators address seven skills and dispositions—and they devote a chapter to each:

  • Efficacy

  • Equity

  • Academic instruction

  • Social-emotional instruction

  • Openness to feedback

  • Lesson planning

  • Team membership

Each chapter features scores of practical, research-based strategies with a history of success. Mix and match them according to your leadership style, the needs of the student or teacher, and the demands of the curriculum.

In addition to implementation stories that show what the strategies look like in a range of classroom settings, this handbook includes effective tools and resources that help guide you through the thorniest of coaching conversations. All you have to do is dive into an appropriate chapter; scan for ideas that match your style, the educators you coach, and your unique context; and start making a difference!

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