How to Teach Students Who Don't Look Like You

  • Title:How to Teach Students Who Don't Look Like You: Culturally Relevant Teaching Strategies (Facilitator's Guide)
  • Author:Bonnie M. Davis
  • Publication Date:July 2012
  • ISBN:9781452257914
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

Engage diverse learners in your classroom with culturally responsive instruction!

How to Teach Students Who Don't Look like You helps educators recognize the impact that culture has on the learning process. The term "diverse learners" encompasses a variety of student groups, including homeless children, migrant children, English language learners, children experiencing gender identity issues, children with learning disabilities, and children with special needs.

This revised second edition reflects the latest trends in education, and includes new coverage of standards-based, culturally responsive lesson planning and instruction, differentiated instruction, RTI, and the Common Core State Standards. Bonnie M. Davis helps all educators:

  • Tailor instruction to their own unique student population
  • Reflect on their own cultures and how this shapes their views of the world
  • Cultivate a deeper understanding of race and racism in the U.S.
  • Create culturally responsive instruction
  • Understand culture and how it affects learning

How to Teach Students Who Don't Look like You provides crucial strategies to assist educators in addressing the needs of diverse learners and closing the achievement gap.


Author Bio

Bonnie Davis is a passionate consultant who offers educators culturally responsive, standards-based strategies that bridge culture, language, race, and ethnicity.

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