Hippos Are Huge! (Paperback)

  • Title:Hippos Are Huge!
  • Author:Jonathan London
    Illustrated by Matthew Trueman
  • Publication Date:March 2015
  • Grade Level:K-2
  • ISBN:9780763665920
  • Publisher:Candlewick Press (MA)

“With gorgeous mixed-media illustrations and accessible, engaging language, this picture book will spur interest in the world of hippos.” — School Library Journal (starred review)

The deadliest animal in Africa isn’t the lion or the crocodile — it’s the hippopotamus! Hippos have razor-sharp tusks, weigh as much as fifty men, and can run twenty-five miles per hour. Follow these hefty hulks as they glide underwater, play tug-of-war, swat balls of dung at one another, and nuzzle their young in the mud. Just don’t get too close — they could chomp you in two!

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