Guide to Documenting Learning, A

  • Title:A Guide to Documenting Learning: Making Thinking Visible, Meaningful, Shareable, and Amplified
  • Author:Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano, Janet Hale
  • Publication Date:January 2018
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781506385570
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

A new approach to contemporary documentation and learning

What is learning? How do we look for, capture, reflect on, and share learning to foster meaningful and active engagement? A Guide to Documenting Learning helps educators answer these questions.

Documenting learning is a process that makes thinking about learning processes visible, meaningful, shareable, and amplified. It facilitates student-driven learning, helping students reflect on and articulate their own learning processes. It also helps teachers reflect on their own learning and classroom practice. When teachers are co-creators with their students, both gain valuable insights that inform future learning and empower students as engaged learners. This unique how-to book:

  • Explains the purposes and different types of documentation
  • Teaches different “LearningFlow” systems to help educators integrate documentation throughout the curriculum
  • Provides authentic examples of documentation in real classrooms
  • Is accompanied by a robust companion website where readers can find even more documentation examples and video tutorials

Written for educators of any grade level, this book provides insights into contemporary learning and professional learning environments, and emphasizes the power of technology to amplify teaching and learning beyond school walls.


Author Bio

Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano is a Third Culture Kid (TCK). She was born in Germany, raised in Argentina, lived shortly in Brazil, and is now planted in the United States. Her multicultural upbringing fueled her passion for languages, travel, global awareness, and global competencies. Silvia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish with a minor in International Studies, and a Master’s Degree in Education with an emphasis in Instructional Technology. She has worked as a world language teacher, technology integration facilitator, 21st century learning specialist, social media coordinator, and professional development and educational consultant. Her passions include globally connected learning, technology integration, contemporary upgrades, amplification of curriculum and instruction, blogging as a pedagogy, developing and maintaining a personal learning network, and documenting learning.

Janet A. Hale is an educational consultant who specializes in curriculum mapping, standards-based curriculum design, and transforming units of study. She travels extensively throughout the United States as well as internationally. She enjoys introducing curriculum design and curriculum mapping to newcomers, supporting implementation, aiding struggling initiatives, and advising those ready for advanced curriculum work. Her experience as a teacher at the elementary and secondary levels and her master's degree in leadership and curriculum are an asset to her work helping teachers and administrators design curriculum maps and transform units of study. Since 1988, Janet has developed national educational seminars and trainings and presented at conferences sponsored by ASCD, the International Reading Association, the Association of Christian Schools International, and Curriculum Designers/Curriculum 21.

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