Ground Zero: A Novel of 9/11

  • Title:Ground Zero: A Novel of 9/11
  • Author:Alan Gratz
  • Grade Level:7-10
  • ISBN:9781338747690
  • Publisher:Scholastic

It's September 11, 2001. Brandon, a nine-year-old boy, goes to work for the day with his dad... at the World Trade Center in New York City. When two planes hit the towers, Brandon and his father are trapped inside a fiery nightmare as terror and confusion whirl around them. Can they escape-and what will the world be like when they do?

In present-day Afghanistan, Reshmina is an eleven-year-old girl who is used to growing up in the shadow of war, but she has dreams of peace and unity. When she ends up harboring a wounded young American soldier, she and her entire family are put in mortal danger. But Reshmina also learns something surprising about the roots of this endless war.

With his trademark skill, Alan Gratz delivers an action-packed and insightful story of two kids whose lives connect in unexpected ways, and reminds us how the past and present are always more linked than we think. Mature content*

* Title may contain language or content considered inappropriate for younger readers.

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