From Goals to Growth

  • Title:From Goals to Growth: Intervention & Support in Every Classroom
  • Author:Lee Ann Jung
  • Publication Date:March 2018
  • ISBN:9781416625988
  • Publisher:ASCD

All students deserve research-based, systematic support and a team that is committed to their success. In this book, Lee Ann Jung lays out a growth planning process that integrates seamlessly with existing IEP and Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI2) structures and is also suitable for any student who has individualized or personalized goals, whether or not that student qualifies for special education services.

Here, general education teachers, special education teachers, educational leaders, and related service provides will find a practical approach to creating growth plans that are both meaningful and effective. Learn how to:

  • Select the skills to target.
  • Determine the settings for intervention and support.
  • Develop growth attainment scales to ensure accurate and uniform monitoring.
  • Write measurable goals.
  • Select and develop interdisciplinary support strategies.
  • Measure progress and use data to inform your next steps.

Stories of students at different grade levels and with various academic and behavioral goals illustrate the process, and full-color interdisciplinary growth plans show how the elements combine to ensure consistent and targeted support in everyday settings, uniform data collection, and easy reporting. Jung’s approach will simplify and unify your school’s support and intervention efforts and help you build a truly inclusive culture, in which the success of all students is the responsibility of all staff.

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