Fight Song

  • Title:Fight Song: Six Steps to Passion, Power, Peace, and Purpose
  • Author:Kim Bearden
  • Publication Date:July 2021
  • ISBN:9781951600914
  • Publisher:Dave Burgess Consulting

There Is a Song Within You Just Waiting to be Sung.

In most lives there is a moment when we need to rise through our pain, through self-doubt, fear, and mistrust, and reconnect with who we are meant to be. Fight Song recounts one acclaimed educator's journey through chaos into meaning-and shows readers how to reawaken connection with themselves and humanity.

Kim Bearden is an award-winning educator whose career has spanned three decades. She has been inducted into the National Teacher's Hall of Fame, selected as a Disney American Outstanding Teacher of the Year, and honored with the Milken Family Foundation's Award for Excellence in Education.

In Fight Song, Bearden recounts her personal journey from hopelessness to healing and how those steps soon coincided with her cofounding the renowned Ron Clark Academy. Over 15,000 educators visit the academy and Bearden's classroom each year to learn ways to engage students and create a climate and culture for success.

In this inspiring memoir, Bearden analyzes her own path and shows readers how they, too, can strip sorrow and passivity from their lives and thrive by rediscovering their significance and genuine life mission. The revealing and often humorous anecdotes illustrate a thoughtful process that invites readers to identify their true worth through unification with others and ultimately guides them to a sense of deep purpose-a fight song.

This is a revised edition, with bonus content.

Kim's wisdom and grace will help you find passion and purpose, and her capacity for love will capture your heart. You need this book. We all do. -Ron Clark, award-winning educator, bestselling author, cofounder of the Ron Clark Academy

Bearden's gift of helping one muster up courage and embrace their purpose is second to none. If the words on these pages don't renew your passion, uplift your spirits, and inspire you to stand up and press forward-fight-you might want to check your pulse. -Tara Martin, educator, director of PR and Communications, keynote speaker, author

Kim Bearden's latest book is a true testament in rediscovering the strength we have within ourselves to overcome and endure. Countless readers will find solace in this book and deem it as the battle cry they need to persevere.-Dr. Valerie Camille Jones, Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science winner

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