El libro de estrategias de escritura

  • Title:El libro de estrategias de escritura
  • Author:Jennifer Serravallo
  • Publication Date:2019
  • Grade Level:Kindergarten - 8th
  • ISBN:9780325111087
  • Publisher:Heinemann

El libro de estrategias de escritura offers children clear and accessible strategies for improving their literacy skills in Spanish whether they are native Spanish speakers or learning Spanish as a second language. It can also serve as a bridge to English instruction that supports literacy growth in a child’s home language. You’ll discover:

  • 300+ strategies
  • new strategies specific to Spanish language arts
  • meticulous translation and adaptation into Latin American Spanish
  • authentic student work
  • new suggestions for mentor texts relevant to Latino/a readers
  • all new classroom visuals.

This rich resource for goal-directed, strategy-based instruction is ideal for many kinds of instructional contexts, including:

  • dual-language/two-way classrooms
  • bilingual immersion classrooms
  • transitional bilingual programs
  • schools with high populations of emergent bilingual students in mainstream classrooms.

Much more than a Spanish edition, El libro de estrategias de escritura is a key that can unlock barriers to progress in writing.


  • Writing workshop
  • 6+1 Traits
  • Daily 5's "Work on Writing"
  • Scripted Writing Programs
  • Writing exercises in basal readers
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