EduProtocol Field Guide Math Edition, The

  • Title:EduProtocol Field Guide Math Edition, The: 15 Student-Centered Lesson Frames for Math Mastery
  • Author:Lisa Nowakowski, Jermiah Ruesch
  • Publication Date:February 2021
  • ISBN:9781951600747
  • Publisher:Dave Burgess Consulting

The EduProtocol Field Guide: Math Edition provides educators with a treasure trove of modular, innovative, and engaging activities that can be adapted to any grade level. Approachable and exciting, EduProtocols are gamified pedagogical interventions that flexibly work with a variety of learning styles so math teachers can meet students where they are, even as they inspire them towards subject mastery. Thoughtfully and comprehensively presented with step-by-step instructions for implementation, each EduProtocol is designed with Common Core standards and Four Cs practices in mind. Whether you are new to EduProtocols or an experienced teacher looking to add even more tools to your pedagogical toolkit, The EduProtocol Field Guide: Math Edition has something for everyone interested in customizable student-centered learning activities.

  No matter the age of the students you teach, Math EduProtocols should be your go-to tool. They are easy to implement, minimize teacher prep time, and help students focus on truly understanding why and how math works. -Nancy Minicozzi, M.Ed., instructional coach

 The thoughtful guidelines, tips, and multiple grade-level connections for each Eduprotocol bear witness to the experiences of two veteran educators and a passion to take learning to new levels. -Scott Ellingson, math educator/principal

 Lisa and Jeremiah bring their experience coaching teachers at a perfect time in education, as educators seek methods of increasing student motivation with deep learning experiences that can be applied to a physical, hybrid, or distance environment. A must-have for mathematics teachers and coaches that will be referenced again and again. -Katherine Goyette, educational technology and integrated studies consultant, Tulare County Office of Education

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