Differentiated Flipped Classroom, The

  • Title:The Differentiated Flipped Classroom: A Practical Guide to Digital Learning
  • Author:Eric Carbaugh, Kristina Doubet
  • Publication Date:December 2015
  • Grade Level:K-12
  • ISBN:9781506302966
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

Ensure personalized student learning with this breakthrough approach to the Flipped Classroom!

In the flipped classroom, students need to do more than simply re-watch a video to learn effectively. This groundbreaking guide helps you identify and address diverse student needs within the flipped classroom environment. You will find practical, standards-aligned solutions to help you design and implement carefully planned at-home and at-school learning experiences, all while checking for individual student understanding.

Learn to differentiate learning for all students with structured, research-based best practices to help you:

  • Integrate Flipped Learning and Differentiated Instruction
  • Use technology as a meaningful learning tool 
  • Implement flexible planning and grouping  
  • Proactively use ongoing formative assessments
  • Adjust instruction to support, challenge, and motivate diverse learners 
  • Manage the Differentiated Flipped classroom

Includes practical examples and a resource-rich appendix. Make your flipped classroom a true place of learning with this go-to guide!


Author Bio

Dr. Kristina J. Doubet is an associate professor in the Department of Middle, Secondary, and Mathematics Education at James Madison University, where she develops and teaches core coursework for graduate programs in middle and secondary education while working closely with classroom teachers. Dr. Doubet has been the recipient of the JMU College of Education’s Distinguished Teaching Award and Madison Scholar Award and has partnered with over 80 schools, districts, and organizations both in the United States and abroad to help them implement initiatives in differentiated instruction and classroom assessment.


Eric Carbaugh is a skilled educator with primary and secondary experience; an award-winning, tenured university professor; and an effective and seasoned member of ASCD’s Differentiated Instruction Cadre and Understanding by Design (UbD) Cadre. Carbaugh began his career in education as a high school social studies teacher before moving to an elementary school to teach 6th grade language arts and social studies. He served as a classroom differentiation and curriculum coach, where he worked with middle and high school teachers to help them implement best educational practices in their classrooms. In this role, he also regularly co-taught courses, facilitated peer observations and feedback, led school-based professional development, and met with administrators and school board members to share results and inform future planning.

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