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Daily 5 Classroom Library Collection, The

  • Title:The Daily 5 Classroom Library Collection
  • Author:Gail Boushey, Joan Moser
  • Publication Date:May 2017
  • Grade Level:K-5
  • Publisher:Stenhouse

Update your classroom library and go deeper with The Daily 5, Second Edition and The CAFE Book with this exclusive collection of fiction and nonfiction books for your classroom, endorsed by Gail Boushey and The 2 Sisters team.

  • All books carefully selected to support Daily 5 and CAFE
  • Libraries are available for Grades K-5
  • Each grade collection includes 200 popular and recently published titles
  • A variety of units in each grade, from favorite characters and weather to sports and geography
  • Collections include a copy of The Daily 5 and The CAFE Book
  • Books arrive prepackaged in labeled bins

To see what is included in each collection, browse the PDFs below:

Kindergarten (StenD5KColl) - $1,599.00
First Grade (StenD51Coll) - $1,649.00
Second Grade (StenD52Coll) - $1,699.00
Third Grade (StenD53Coll) - $1,699.00
Fourth Grade (StenD54Coll) - $1,779.00
Fifth Grade (StenD55Coll) - $1,849.00

All Grades K-5 (StenD5All) - $10,274.00


Author Bio

Gail Boushey’s work as a literacy coach and author is based on her classroom experiences, which range from preschool through grade six and special education. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education, Child Studies and Special Education and has a Master's degree in Special Education.

Joan Moser’s passion for meeting each child’s individual needs by discovering where they are and guiding them forward has been practiced and refined in a variety of classroom settings. She has taught kindergarten through sixth grade, special education, and is a certified Reading Resource Specialist.

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