Classroom Assessment Essentials

  • Title:Classroom Assessment Essentials
  • Author:Susan M. Brookhart
  • Publication Date:October 2023
  • ISBN:9781416632528
  • Publisher:ASCD

 The only assessment book K–12 teachers need to monitor and maximize student learning.

Classroom assessment is a vital part of teaching. It helps make student learning—or a lack thereof—visible so that teachers can adjust teaching practices and better support learners. But designing and implementing reliable assessments is a complex process.

In this comprehensive book by assessment expert Susan M. Brookhart, you will learn the foundational concepts and practical skills necessary to be successful with classroom assessment. Organized into 21 essentials, the book addresses everything from using pre-assessment before starting new lessons to communicating with parents about their child’s academic growth. Along the way, you will discover how to

  • Create clear learning targets and success criteria based on standards.

  • Provide meaningful feedback to students about progress toward goals.

  • Involve students in the regulation of their own learning.

  • Use homework to check for understanding.

  • Decide on instructional follow-up based on formative assessment data.

  • Make accommodations for students with IEPs and support equity and fairness.

  • Design performance tasks for individuals and groups.

  • Craft rubrics and design classroom tests.

With strategies that support high-quality assessment, tips and troubleshooting advice, and examples across subject areas and grade levels, Classroom Assessment Essentials will help you make effective assessment a cornerstone of your classroom.

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