Challenging Learning Through Feedback

  • Title:Challenging Learning Through Feedback: How to Get the Type, Tone and Quality of Feedback Right Every Time
  • Author:James Nottingham, Jill Nottingham
  • Publication Date:February 2017
  • ISBN:9781506376479
  • Publisher:Corwin Press

Using feedback to enhance learning 

Feedback has the potential to dramatically improve student learning – if done correctly. In fact, providing high quality feedback is one of the most critical roles of a teacher. But if feedback is not done correctly it can have a minimal – or even negative effect – on learning. Challenging Learning Through Feedback provides educators with the tools they need to establish clear learning intentions and success criteria in order to craft high quality feedback and avoid common feedback mistakes. Readers will learn

  • When feedback is (and isn’t) working
  • How to design feedback so that it answers three essential questions
  • Strategies for crafting clear Learning Intentions and Success Criteria
  • How to teach students to give high quality feedback to themselves and others

Written by educational innovators James Nottingham and Jill Nottingham, this book is full of specific examples for educators who want to understand the qualities of excellent feedback and how to craft it.

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