• Title:Be REAL: Educate from the Heart *
  • Author:Tara Martin
  • Publication Date:June 19, 2018
  • ISBN:9781946444905
  • Publisher:Dave Burgess Consulting

Technological advances are rapidly changing the way we work and learn. Artificial intelligence is even replacing employees in some industries. In education, the latest technology supports learning by providing extraordinary opportunities, but artificial intelligence will never replace the life that REAL educators bring to our schools.

REAL educators are relatable, they expose vulnerability by sharing their experiences, they are approachable, and they learn through life.

In Be REAL, BookSnaps creator, Tara Martin, encourages you to share your unique talents and passions as an educator. Through her personal and engaging stories, you’ll learn the power of being true to yourself and find the courage to “cannonball” into the adventures life offers.

Make REAL connections with your students and staff and dare to make a difference.

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