Be Excellent on Purpose

  • Title:Be Excellent on Purpose: Intentional Strategies for Impactful Leadership
  • Author:Sanee Bell
  • Publication Date:July 2019
  • ISBN:9781948212151
  • Publisher:Times 10 Publications

Excellence and Impactful Leadership don't happen accidentally

Excellence is a journey where leaders discover who they are, what they value, and the principles that drive them. True excellence and impactful leadership require intentional strategies. Pursuers of excellence are able to see barriers as obstacles that they can overcome. It is those barriers and challenges that strengthen us in our pursuit of excellence.

To Be Excellent on Purpose means avoiding excuses and making a plan for life and working the plan to make it a reality. Longtime teacher, author, presenter, and Principal of the Year Sanée Bell shares personal and professional stories and strategies that will make your own leadership both intentional and impactful.

In the inaugural book in the Lead Forward Series, Bell introduces teachers, principals, school district leaders, and leaders in all spaces to a simple, but powerful, system that makes you more cognizant of your own leadership style and your journey to daily excellence. Inside Be Excellent on Purpose, you'll find dozens of stories and accompanying strategies that give you a unique approach to leadership and intentional daily excellence, while answering these critical questions:

  • How do you find your Why?
  • How do you meet the individual needs of all stakeholders?
  • How do you as a leader transform learning, teaching, and professional growth?
  • How do you inspire and energize your students and staff?
  • How do you champion equity in your space?
  • How do you promote and support innovation? 

Engage with the content

The Lead Forward Series is designed to give you grassroots stories from people who are in the field, doing the work daily, while providing a space to interact with the content. Each chapter contains a LeadForward Journal, with guiding questions and sentence stems, which you can write on and share with friends and colleagues, encouraging them to Lead Forward and to Be Excellent on Purpose.

Before you return to school or work ...

read Be Excellent on Purpose, and bring the power of intentional excellence and impactful leadership to all of your shareholders every day.

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